Srpski jezik
Basket, made by hand

About company

Basket is a family run company, based in Golubinci, in the heart of the fertile Srem plain. Good food has always been a very important aspect of our life and business. In more than a decade of experience, we have worked on preserving and improving the traditional fine food industry, as evidenced by many awards.

It was with a lot of effort that we have created a unique product line of different shapes, textures and flavours, and all that made of integral flour, with no additives or preservatives added, all lean.


We believe that food production must be based on sound grounds. The family recipes and the traditional methods, together with the careful selection of the high-quality natural raw materials without any additives, are our greatest allies. Attentively and systematically we invest in the development of all spheres of business, with a special emphasis on the culture of production process, based on HACCP concept. Basket products are wonderful examples how in the modern-day human diet, new trends and good flavours don’t exclude each other. On the contrary, modern age is a constant inspiration of ours in creating tasteful and healthy food as an inexhaustible source of pleasure. Basket is a socially and economically responsible company whose relations are based on mutual trust and respect.


To be among the leading manufacturers of „healthy food “and to be the synonym for quality, safety and hygienic correctness.


For our products to constantly and entirely satisfy the needs of our customers, the market in general, and the regulations.


Basket production is based on HACCP standard whose ultimate goal is to enable the production of safe food products by applying as safe method as possible.


The primary goal of our company is constant concern about the health and safety of our products. In early April 2015, Basket obtained certificates for food safety management system compliant with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 and FSSC 22000 .



– ISO 9001 – 2008 Quality Management Systems Requirements

– FSSC 2200

Our consumer is a modern, cosmopolitan, inquisitive and attentive person and that is why our consumer’s slogan is:


Basket products are practical, easy to carry on, and they don’t get spoiled. All products can be used as a meal which provides enough energy, as well as a good balance of carbohydrates, proteins and micronutrients that can replace one meal a day. They are ideal to be used when there is a limited access to food, like: in schools, on travels, before or after workout, at work, and especially when working long hours. It is suitable for all age groups.

Awards and honours

The International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad

  • 2008

    • Flaxseed thins-Gold Medal for quality
  • 2009

    • Flaxseed thins-Big Gold Medal for quality
    • Special award for quality “Dr Rozika Vukobratovic”
    • Oat thins-Big Gold Medal for quality
  • 2010

    • Integral Mix thins-Big Gold Medal for quality
    • Integral sticks sesame and poppy seeds-Big Gold Medal for quality
    • Buckwheat thins-Big Gold Medal for quality
    • Special award for high quality of fine bakery products
  • 2011

    • Mr Rye-Big Gold Medal for quality
    • Nettle thins-Big Gold Medal for quality
    • “Good Design” Award for the design of Basket packaging by the Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina
  • 2012

    • Spelt sticks-Big Gold Medal for quality
  • 2013

    • Basket 5-Big Gold Medal for quality