Srpski jezik
Basket, made by hand

Whole grain mix

Integral mix is a product of a unique flavour and big nutritive value. Sunflower seeds are rich in unsaturated fats and proteins, peanuts are great antioxidant, and cumin contributes to a detoxification of whole body.

  • Small packaging: 95gr
  • Big packaging: 350gr
  • Bulk

In 2010 The Integral mix won the Big Gold Medal for quality at the International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad

Nutritive values for 100 grams
Energy value 2197kJ/525kcal
Proteins 10,6 g
55,9 g
0,8 g
Saturated fatty acids
27,5 g
11,9 g
Sodium 0,9 g
Fibre 5,53g
  • posno
  • vegan
  • no additives
  • fiber rich