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Basket, made by hand

Spelta sticks

Spelt is a close cousin to present day wheat. It has very high protein content and is rich in minerals, microelements and vitamins. Spelt sticks are advised to athletes, children and those who live very active lives and therefore burn a lot of energy.

  • Small packaging: 100gr
  • Bulk

In 2012 The Spelt Sticks won the Big Gold Medal for quality at the International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad

Nutritive values for 100 grams
Energy value 1916kJ/458kcal
Proteins 12,86 g
46,74 g
4,0 g
Saturated fatty acids
22,68 g
9,47 g
Sodium 1,2 g
Fibre 7,91g
  • posno
  • vegan
  • no additives
  • fiber rich